8 Facts To Know About SEO For 2014

SEO Nashville TennesseeTop 8 facts you should know about SEO

Fact 1 – SEO is a long, ongoing process

Optimizing your site is an ongoing process that needs constant attention. When a new site is launched, it can take Google anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to even find the site and store it in their database, and then another couple of months for the site to earn a place in search results. So be patient.

Fact 2 – Do your keyword research

You need to use keywords throughout your site so it gets listed in the search engine results when a consumer conducts a search using those words. You need to know what words your target audience are searching for so you can use them in your content. The best way to do keyword research is to brainstorm a big list of all the words and phrases related to your business.

Fact 3 – Quality content is the key to success

The hardest thing about optimizing your website is creating content that is balanced between the needs of search engines and the needs of your target market. If it’s too SEO-focused, it will be gibberish for users but if you don’t use enough keywords you won’t rank well on search engines. It is recommended that you use the same keyword only 3 times on one page.

Fact 4 – You need keywords throughout your whole site

Many people are under the misconception that you only need to list your key words on your home page – although that is important, it is just as important to use them throughout the site and adjust your keywords to the content of each page.

Fact 5 – Black hat techniques don’t work

When SEO first became a hot topic, some ‘smart’ people tried to trick the search engines by keyword stuffing (putting long lists of keywords in pages), using invisible text (putting keywords in the background color so users couldn’t read it but search engines could). So no matter what anyone tells you about how quickly it can boost your ranking, don’t do it! It’s definitely not worth it.

Fact 6 – The playing field can change at any time

The algorithm that Google uses to analyze and rank websites is not guaranteed – Google can choose to change it whenever they want. It’s very important that your website developer or SEO consultant stays up-to-date with the algorithm so they can advise you or make any changes quickly and keep your site ranking high.

Fact 7 – Updating your site regularly will make you search engine friendly

As mentioned, SEO isn’t a one-off thing – you can’t write really good copy with lots of keywords and then leave it on your site for 2 years. Constantly updating also ensures you are using still using the right keywords to reach your market and that your content is fresh and interesting for the humans that use your site!

Fact 8 – Getting links is essential

So you’ve done your keyword research and have great copy on your site, but do you have any other sites linking to you? The content of your site is only half the battle in SEO –you need to have lots of other websites linking to yours so the search engines think you are important enough to put at the top of their rankings.



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