Apple Update

Apple Makes All Their Products Become Mobile Devices; Businesses Are Taking Advantage


With the release of the new IOS & OSX updates, Apple is changing the way online users interact with websites. A very promising new feature for businesses is called, “Continuity.” With Continuity, Apple has made it possible to make and receive phone calls using all of their products including IPAD, MacBook and IMAC.  So what does this mean for the millions of Apple users searching the web?  It means that while visiting a website, Apple users are able to click on a displayed phone number to contact the company right from their IMAC, MacBook or IPAD.  This is done by using their IPhone’s cell service and the device’s Wi-Fi signal. How convenient is that?!!  But, there is a catch. The phone number on the website has to have a special link to open FaceTime or the Continuity feature will not work.  The special link I am referring to is the same link used on mobile websites for phone numbers. You can take advantage of this new feature from Apple on your business’s website.  Link all of your displayed phone numbers to FaceTime within your website code, making it easy for website visitors to call you immediately from any device.

Here’s how it works! Watch the Video below.  




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