Smart Phones Tools or Toys?



My 1 Year Journey Without a Smart Phone!

About this time last year my family & I embarked on a what looked like an impossible journey to give up our smart phones. It was hard to because the lasted I-phone was about to come out when I suggested it. The reason I thought we should try this was because our phones were becoming a time waster. The phones were becoming toys instead tools to help make life a little easier. Our family time was becoming a time to just play on our phones in the same room. When I got the first I-phone I thought I would use it as just a tool, and at first i did. I would use apps like AirYell to save money on 411 calls or use other apps to pay bills and so on. Growing up I watched a lot of TV. When I got a smart phone it was like  somebody gave me a little TV to hold all the time. Now days you can watch movies, TV shows, and play old games from your childhood.

When we first gave up our smart phones I admit it was really hard but I knew it had to be done. I went up to the AT&T store and shut off our I-phones. Then I went to Target to buy us AT&T GoPhones or “Dumb Phones” my daughter would call them. These phones were like stepping back into the early 2000’s. All the phones could do were Talk & Text. This phone had no touch screen or cool games. The only good thing I could see at the time was that we were saving about $100 dollars a month on the cell phone bill. After about a month my wife and I moved on with our life’s. We soon saw that it was possible to live without a smart phone. when we would go out to dinner we saw how bad the world had gotten. We would be at a restaurant talking as a family and notice everyone around us was looking down at their phone the whole time. it was really sad knowing that we were like that a couple months ago.

Although my daughter ask me almost everyday for a year when we were getting our I-phones back we made it without them. I noticed that the kids and I were talking more and playing more. A whole year past and I didn’t even think about my phone unless it was ringing or I was answering a text. Somethings did start to get frustrating like not being able to read certain messages or receive pictures and videos from friends. Though I was without an i-phone I had my I-Pad throughout that year. I was getting tired of carrying that thing around all the time to be able to check my work email and to use the navigation. So about a month ago we decided it was time to go back to using smart phones. I have to say that it is different this time. I use my phone for work a lot but other then that I don’t use it that much. Im not constantly checking it or playing games all day. So far everything is going well.

If you read this and think I might have an issue with my phone or I could never live without my phone. I challenge you to try and go a whole year without a smart phone. Trust me you will be ok. You might even develop healthier habits that can help in other parts of your life.



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