Tips On Creating A Great Logo

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Company Branding and Logo Design can be fun or it can be a long drawn out process for the client and the designer. If you are looking for a good logo design that is going to be the face of your company don’t expect it to be a quick or cheap. It takes time to get it exactly the way you want it, so don’t rush it. One of the challenges in designing a logo is finding your identity as a company. A lot of companies do the same things, but the difference is how customers perceive them. If you’re a business that targets younger people don’t be afraid to be loud and bright to grab their attention . Never pretend to be something you’re not. The one thing that can hurt a business is to have an identity crisis. If you don’t know who you are there is a good chance you will want to change your logo over and over depending on how you see your business at the current time.

Changing a company logo can be a good thing or a really bad thing depending on who the company is. Thats’ why if you see large companies like Coke a Cola, Pepsi or McDonald’s change up their logo it’s usually adding to what they have or changing the style slightly. If you start fresh you may lose out because once you are known by that logo people won’t recognize you. Let’s say McDonald’s decides to totally change their logo. If you are hungry driving down the road looking for the big golden arches but don’t see them you would say “well I guess they shut down Mc Donald’s”. Naturally you would turn into Burger King because it was the next place you saw that looked familiar to you. In some other cases changing the logo would be the best thing a company could do especially if the company has a really bad logo or doesn’t have one at all.

Before seeking out a designer I would sit down and write out in detail what it is that your company does and who you do it for. Be very specific. This will help the designer and you save  time and money. Another thing I would do is have a few colors picked out so the designer isn’t guessing. Let the designer know what you like and don’t like by using other company logo examples. Whatever you choose don’t design your own logo even if you have some sort of design skills. Trust me you will be happier if you allow another designer do it.

Tips on creating a good logo:

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t get carried away. Simple is always better.
  2. Don’t be something you’re not. It’s confusing.
  3. Make sure its appropriate for what type of business you are.
  4. Design a logo that will look good on all mediums including your business card, website. print material and social media pages. Make sure the logo looks good in color and in black & white.
  5. Make it timeless so it will be effective 20 or 50 years from now.
  6. Try to make it as memorable as possible.



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