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How Important is Your Website To Your Business?

Believe it or not most businesses would not survive without a healthy web presence. Even in this internet driven business world still over half of all business in the US don’t have a website. Kentucky and Tennessee having the highest percentage of business without websites. ( KY: 71% AND TN 70%)

If you are one of the businesses that still do not have a website you have probably used these excuses,  “ My business is to small “ or ” We don’t offer a service that can be purchased on online. If you have said that my business is too small to have a website let me explain why that is not true. Nearly half of consumers use a combination of search and social media to fuel their purchasing decisions. Search engines such as Google and Bing are the first stop for 58 percent of all searches while 24 percent visit a company’s website and 18 percent started with social media. The point is people search online for what they want. Even if you don’t have a product or service that can be sold online , you still want your company to be online. You still need to sell your name. If you think just because you don’t have a website that you’re not on the internet somewhere you’re wrong. Bloggers or customers are writing articles and reviews and even posting about you on Facebook and Twitter. So the bad thing about not having a web presence is not having a place online to defend your image and reputation. By having a website you get the opportunity  to make a good first impression.

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